About The Hong Kong
Laureate Forum

The Hong Kong Laureate Forum aspires to be a world-class academic exchange event to connect the current and next generations of leaders in scientific pursuit, and to promote understanding and interests of the young generation in Hong Kong and around the world in various disciplines in science and technology.

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Inaugural Forum


The inaugural Hong Kong Laureate Forum will take place in 13-18 November 2023. Shaw Laureates and distinguished scientists will spend a week in Hong Kong interacting with about 200 young scientists from around the world, sharing their views, experience and aspirations in various scientific fields. The week of programme will consist of world-class intellectual seminars, discussion groups, workshops, poster sessions and visits to the latest Hong Kong scientific development projects, universities and institutes as well as cross-cultural social activities.

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Shaw Laureates

The Shaw Prize is an international award to honour individuals who are currently active in their respective fields and who have recently achieved distinguished and significant advances, who have made outstanding contributions in academic and scientific research or applications, or who in other domains have achieved excellence. 


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Call of Climate

22 Apr is "Earth Day", one of the world's largest environmental protection events, with nearly 200 countries responded so far, aiming to protect the environment and create a better planet. This year, to discuss the impact of climate change, we have prepared 10 climate-related videos coined as "Call of Climate" supplemented with science knowledge, having Mr LEUNG Wing Mo, Former Assistant Director of the Hong Kong Observatory and Ms Natalie CHUNG, Co-Founder of V'air Hong Kong, an environmental education organization to promote low-carbon tourism, as the hosts. Episodes will be published on our website and social media platforms. Stay tuned!

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Science in the Community

Predicting the "Unpredictable"

A common question we often encounter is: is mutation of virus truly predictable, and isn't it random? Well, the short answer is, virus evolution is not equal to mutation. Mutations are random errors occur during the replication process of virus, and they do not have a preference on their destination. Yet virus evolution is a complex process shaped jointly by virus mutation, the host immune response, and the environment.....

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Measure the Universe with Cosmological Standard Timers

Since the first humans were born on Earth, we have been trying to learn about the Universe in which we inhibit. Thousands of years of observations and thinking have enabled us to develop a standard cosmological model capable of better describing the evolution of the Universe since the hot big bang. With technical progress and the development of precise measurement techniques, more results show that there is inconsistency between observation and theory, such as Hubble tension, which poses a pressing problem in modern cosmology.....

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The Roles of Science and Technology in Hong Kong's Climate Actions

It is undeniable that cities have far-reaching impacts on every aspect of life. Currently, half of the world's population, around 4.5 billion people, living in cities around the world. Cities account for more than two-thirds of the world's economic production and three-quarters of global greenhouse gas emissions. As cities grow, the population will increase further, with the global urban population expected to reach 7 billion by 2050.....

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