Exploring New Horizons

December 2021 and January 2022

A number of promising local scientists / research teams generously offered their laboratories for visit and / or scheduled sessions knowledge and idea exchange.

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Masterminds, Masterclasses

November 2021

"Masterminds, Masterclasses" offered an invaluable platform and opportunity for young generation to have boundless inspirational and intellectual exchange with prominent scientists. Apart from seminars for a wider audience, there were also direct dialogue sessions between globally renowned scientists and selected young science enthusiasts. Sharing by the scientists on their research journey and personal experience was an inspiring catalyst to sustain youth in the pursuit of science and planning research journey ahead.

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Science Exposition

14-18 September and 13-16 October 2021

A number of Hong Kong’s scientists and research teams showcased their latest and captivating research achievements that covered both science theories and applications. Not only to disclose the research theories behind, but also to share their research journey which made of countless challenges and some secrets to success.

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Science Hunt

October 2020 to April 2021

With the staunch support of local academics, a 13-round online science quiz game aiming to raise public interest in science was completed.

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