• To encourage secondary students to participate in science-related events and activities to broaden their horizons and get inspired
  • To provide a pathway for secondary students who are science enthusiasts to get a SPECIAL ENTRY TICKET to participate in the world-class academic exchange event, the Hong Kong Laureate Forum which targets undergraduates, postgraduates and PhD graduates who are studying or conducting research in Astronomy, Life Science and Medicine, Mathematical Sciences or other closely related subjects

Point-Award Mechanism

  • Participants can earn points by joining different events of Prelude to the Inaugural Forum to be organised by the HKLF
  • Different events grant various number of points
  • In-person participation at events, where applicable, will earn more points
  • A certificate will be issued by the HKLF to participants who garnered a certain number of points
  • Participants must attend at least one seminar at Masterminds, Masterclasses 2.0 hybrid seminar(online or in-person) in order to have the opportunity to get a certificate
  • Points can be earned in the period between July 2022 and the launching of the inaugural Forum in 13-18 November 2023

Participants Collected 80 points or more

  • Will receive a GOLD Award certificate issued by the HKLF
  • Will be invited to join Geared Up Muster, a tailor-made event for DSE (and public exam) candidates
  • Will be entitled to join the inaugural Forum if the awardee has been accepted as undergraduate student in a science-related field in the academic year 2023-2024

Participants Collected 50 points or more

  • Will receive a SILVER Award certificate issued by the HKLF
  • Will be entitled to take part in designated programmes of the inaugural Forum

How to get points

Before the launching of the inaugural Forum, the HKLF is embarking on a series of events to further our missions of providing platforms for world-renowned scientists and rising stars in scientific and research fields in various disciplines from different parts of the world to come together to promote science, and to enlighten the younger generation in the scientific community.

Wonder Women in Science – Inspiring and Empowering the Next Generation

  • Hybrid Seminar, Round-table Dialogue and Exhibition for participants to applaud over the contributions in science and technology that women have made over the years and share their journey in scientific pursuit
  • 15 points (Extra 5 points for in-person participation)

Exploring New Horizons

  • Laboratory visits and meeting with researchers for participants to learn about the latest research facilities in Hong Kong and experience real laboratory setting and operation
  • 20 points for each lab visits
(each Award Scheme participant can earn a maximum 40 points for Exploring New Horizons)

Masterminds, Masterclasses 2.0

  • Seminars, panel discussions, VR experience, exhibition and more for participants to have inspirational and intellectual exchange with renowned scientists and dive deeply into the world of science
  • Seminars and panel discussions – 15 points per round (Extra 5 points for in-person participation)
  • Science Project Presentation to Shaw Laureate – 20 points per round
  • Exploration Corner – 10 points
  • Sharing from Cross-generation Scientists – 20 points
(each Award Scheme participant can earn a maximum 60 points for Masterminds, Masterclasses 2.0)