Who may apply?

  • Aged 35 or below
  • Undergraduates*, Postgraduates* (Master / PhD), PhD Graduates** in Astronomy, Life Science and Medicine, Mathematical Sciences or other closely related subjects may apply for the Hong Kong Laureate Forum. Young scientists with the above-mentioned qualifications who are not affiliated to universities or institutions may also apply.
* Enroll in Undergraduate or Postgraduate (Master / PhD) programme as at 15 November 2021
** Awarded PhD degree after 15 November 2016
How to apply?

There are two main methods:

  • The Hong Kong Laureate Forum will invite Shaw Laureates and collaborating institutions for nominations (July – October 2020). The nominees then submit their information online (August – November 2020)
  • Open application is available from 14 September (00:00 HKT) to 13 December 2020 (23:59 HKT).
    For application, please submit HERE.
How to select “Academic Level” in the online application?

Please select the recognized academic level* at the time of application. Applicants may amend the academic level should there be changes after they have submitted their applications.
Furthermore, the final 200 young scientists selected by the Scientific Review Panel will be invited to update their academic levels at a later stage through a Young Scientist Registration System.

* Please be reminded that the applicants must either: enroll in Undergraduate or Postgraduate (Master / PhD) programme as at 15 November 2021; or be awarded PhD degrees after 15 November 2016
Which language can be used in application?

The Forum will be conducted in English and the Forum will only accept application in English. Applicants whose supporting documents are not in English will be required to provide translated English version of their documents. Please upload the certified copies in original language as well as the translated English versions.

When to apply?

Open application is available from 14 September (00:00 HKT) to 13 December 2020 (23:59 HKT).

How will the participants be selected?

The 200 young scientists will be selected by a two-tier Scientific Review Panel which is formed by a group of local and non-local academics. The first tier, being the Scientific Review Committees, under the three disciplines namely Astronomy, Life Science and Medicine, and Mathematical Sciences will review all valid applications. Each application will be reviewed by at least two members of the relevant Committee. The Scientific Review Board (i.e. second tier of the Panel), will then select the final 200 young scientists to join the Forum.

For the composition of the Scientific Review Panel, please click HERE.

Will participants get a certificate?

Participants who have attended all the Forum’s official programmes on 15-19 November 2021 will be awarded a certificate of participation.

Where will the Hong Kong Laureate Forum take place?

The Hong Kong Science Park will be the main venue of the Forum to hold ceremonies, lectures, discussion groups, poster presentations and so forth. There will also be seminars, visits, cultural experiencing activities and dinners to take place in other Hong Kong’s landmarks. The programme details, which will be launched in May 2021, will specify the exact location of each official event.

Hong Kong Science Park
Pak Shek Kok, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong

Will there be travel support?

Hong Kong Permanent Resident
Travel support is applicable to selected young scientists who are Hong Kong permanent residents studying / working outside Hong Kong and do not require hotel accommodation provided by the HKLF Secretariat. The support will be a round trip transportation cost subject to terms and conditions, such as financial ceiling. Overseas or Mainland China young scientists are required to arrange a round trip travel (both to and from Hong Kong) at their own expenses.

Non-Hong Kong Permanent Resident
If any overseas or Mainland China young scientists have financial difficulty in travelling to Hong Kong, he / she should seek travel funding from his / her affiliated institution(s) and / or organization(s). Should that failed, he / she should approach his / her national funding body. If their applications for financial support for their travel were rejected with written and trackable reason(s), he / she may apply for travel support from the HKLF Secretariat. The travel support application should be made during Young Scientist registration, after receipt of the HKLF Secretariat’s notification for acceptance of their participation. The travel support is at the sole discretion of the Forum Secretariat.

Will there be accommodation arrangement?

Selected young scientists who are non-Hong Kong permanent residents studying / working outside Hong Kong will be arranged with single hotel accommodation (including breakfast) for a maximum of six nights (14-19 November 2021 inclusive). Any additional cost for extras and hotel incidentals, such as telephone calls, mini-bar, pay-TV / video and so forth, will be at the participants’ own expense.

What will be the meals arrangements?

Meals / snacks (breakfasts#, lunches, dinners*, light refreshments) will be arranged free of charge during the Forum from 15 November 2021 to the morning of 20 November 2021.

# For participating young scientists who do not stay in the hotel arranged by the HKLF, light refreshments will be arranged on 15-18 November 2021
* All participants will need to arrange one dinner, on 17 November 2021, by themselves.

The HKLF Secretariat will collect special dietary requirement(s) from individual participants through the Young Scientist Registration System and try to arrange as far as possible.

How does the Forum Secretariat manage and protect my submitted personal data?

The HKLF Secretariat is committed to ensure that all personal data provided and submitted through application form / Young Scientist Registration System / any other form of request for information (as the case may be) are handled in accordance with the relevant principles and requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance under Legislation Publication Ordinance of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.

Please refer to the Personal Information Collection Statement and Privacy Policy Statement of the HKLF for details.